Crispy Cheddar Chicken- Baked!! -

Crispy Cheddar Chicken- Baked!!

Crispy Cheddar Chicken is a mouth-watering dish that combines the tender juiciness of chicken with a crispy, cheesy coating. This oven-baked version offers a healthier alternative to

fried chicken while still maintaining a delightful crunch and flavor. Perfect for a family dinner or a casual gathering, this dish is easy to make and sure to be a hit with both adults and children alike.



  1. 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  2. 2 cups cheddar cheese, shredded
  3. 1 cup milk
  4. 1 1/2 cups crispy breadcrumbs or panko
  5. 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  6. 1/2 teaspoon paprika
  7. Salt and pepper to taste
  8. 1/2 cup unsalted butter, melted
  9. Optional: Fresh parsley, chopped for garnish




Step 1: Preheat Oven and Prepare Baking Dish

  • Preheat your oven to 375°F (190°C).
  • Lightly grease a baking dish.

Step 2: Prepare the Coating

  • In a shallow dish, mix together the shredded cheddar cheese, breadcrumbs, garlic powder, paprika, salt, and pepper.

Step 3: Dredge the Chicken

  • Pour the milk into another shallow dish.
  • Dip each chicken breast first into the milk, then into the breadcrumb and cheese mixture, pressing firmly to coat well.

Step 4: Arrange in Baking Dish

  • Place the coated chicken breasts in the prepared baking dish.

Step 5: Drizzle with Butter

  • Drizzle the melted butter evenly over the chicken.

Step 6: Bake

  • Bake in the preheated oven for 35-40 minutes, or until the chicken is cooked through and the coating is crispy and golden brown.

Step 7: Garnish and Serve

  • If desired, garnish with chopped fresh parsley before serving.


Cooking Note:

  • Ensure the chicken is cooked to an internal temperature of 165°F (75°C) for safe consumption.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Crispy Cheddar Chicken can be served with a variety of sides such as steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes, or a fresh salad.


  • For an extra crispy coating, you can lightly toast the breadcrumbs in a pan before mixing with the cheese.
  • Use sharp cheddar for a more pronounced cheese flavor.


Prep Time: 15 minutes Cooking Time: 40 minutes Total Time: 55 minutes


Nutritional Information:

  • Calories: Approximately 450 per serving
  • Protein: 30g
  • Sodium: 500mg

Conclusion: Crispy Cheddar Chicken is a delightful and straightforward dish that’s sure to satisfy your cravings for something crispy and cheesy. This oven-baked version not only offers a healthier alternative to the fried counterpart but also keeps the chicken moist and flavorful. Whether you’re cooking for a family meal or a special occasion, this dish is bound to be a crowd-pleaser.


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